Tamta Goduadze Τάμτα Γκοντουάτζε თამთა გოდუაძე

Tamta Goduadze-Look at me.Τάμτα Γκοντουάτζε-Κοίτα με.თამთა გოდუაძე-შემომხედე
Tamta Goduadze, (Greek: Τάμτα Γκοντουάτζε; Georgian: თამთა გოდუაძე;) known professionally as simply Tamta, is a Georgian pop singer, famous in Greece, Cyprus and Georgia for her participation in Super Idol Greece (in which she placed second), and for her later singles such as “Ftes” (Faraway, originally performed by Gala), “Den Telionei Etsi I Agapi” and “Agapise Me”.